Annual Report

Mayo Civic Center experienced a dynamic year of growth and achievement in 2015.

Transformation occurred throughout the center, which is thriving financially and operationally amidst an $84 million convention center expansion project that began in early 2015.

Highlights of 2015 include:


Growth in operating revenues

Mayo Civic Center exceeded financial expectations for 2015. Revenue was 2.4% higher than projected and expenses were 1.7% lower than projected.


Growing the local economy

Mayo Civic Center continues to be a driver of Rochester's economy and generated an estimated economic impact on the community of $48 million in 2015. MCC's events were the catalyst for attendees to spend dollars in the community, eat in local restaurants, stay in local hotels, and shop in local retail stores.


Growth in the facility's footprint

Key convention center construction milestones have been achieved, and the project is on budget and on schedule #opening2017.


For additional information, read the full 2015 Mayo Civic Center Annual Report.

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