community outreach
By: Laura Woolworth

The Mayo Civic Center is the center of YOUR city. References are our heartbeat! Can you share a contact?

By: Matt Esau

The success of any event hinges on a variety of factors but the quality of the event services team tops the list! Here's a little head start in getting to know the people who will be at your side to get the job done at the Mayo Civic Center.

event tech improvements
By: Andy Krogstad

What can significantly enhance attendee experience and make meeting planners' lives a little easier at the same time? Event technology, that's what! Here's a look at the tech improvements you can expect to see with our new expansion efforts.

Planning a fundraiser
By: TR Wheeler

Planning a successful fundraising event takes dedication, skill and a few insider tips from a pro. Come and get them!

large weddings
By: Mary Britt

Is the thought of planning your big wedding giving you a big headache? Don’t panic! We can help.

office holiday party
By: Perry Spindler

Now is the time to kick office holiday party planning into high-gear! Here's a few expert tips to get things rolling.

By: Joe Kollar

Join our signature catering partners in discussing five up and coming trends in F&B worth keeping an eye on for your next event!

live band or dj?
By: Perry Spindler

Whatever the occasion, the question of whether to hire a DJ or live band springs eternal. Here's a few things to consider from one of our own party planning experts.

quinceanera decorating tips
By: Laura Woolworth

When a party’s been 15 years in the making, the pressure to deliver can be punishing! Here's a few quick tips to make Quinceanera party planning a little easier.

tips for wedding flowers
By: Laura Woolworth

We've teamed up with one of Rochester's most popular florists to get you up to speed on what's trending in wedding flowers and how you can bring popular styles to your celebration for less!

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